iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 Comparison

The iPhone 5S has been Apple’s long-rumored upcoming smartphone. Like all of apple’s products, multiple rumors have persisted throughout the months. The latest rumor that we’re hearing about today pits the iPhone 5S up against the iPhone 5 in a number of new images comparing the hardware of both of the devices.

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 Comparison
(Mockup images of the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S)
According to a report by phukiengiare.vn, the iPhone 5S will feature a 12MP camera sensor and 2GB of RAM, which is a significant improvement over the iPhone 5.

Size Comparison

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 Comparison

The image above shows a mock up iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 and mock up, plastic iPhone 5C stacked on top of each other. The image shows a slightly thinner iPhone 5S along with a slimmer Lightning connection border and a slightly altered earphone jack design. There is a rumor going around that the iPhone 5c will omit the Lightning connector in favor of Micro USB cable. The picture also shows the 5C to have a single (possibly mono) speaker grill.


iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 Comparison

The iPhone 5S camera is rumored to see an upgrade to 12MP or 13MP. The photo above shows an iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The 5C and the 5S have a notable change is camera design and the 5S is also speculated to have a dual flash and an optimized Camera sensor.

Home Button

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 Comparison
In this photo we see the home buttons of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The home buttons have the same designs as the current iPhone 5, but there are indications that Apple is adding a Sapphire covered convex designed home button to house a fingerprint reader.

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 Comparison
Nowhereelse.fr’s comparison photos show how the metal spacer shield for the home button has changed from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5S. The previous nearly symmetric design moving to an asymmetric design with altered screw hole locations and an angled edge along one side.
Although the exact reason for the design changes on the spacer is unclear given a lack of other specific parts, it seems reasonable to suspect that they may be related to accommodating the fingerprint sensor.

Internal Parts

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 Comparison
NoWhereElse.fr’s other comparison photo shows that the screw designs and locations have also changed between the two iPhone models. This may be due to inclusions of a redesigned logic board which is expected to lie on top of the shell. The site also took notice the previously leaked motherboard contains screw holes that line up perfectly with the iPhone 5S shell, which helps proves that both of the leaked parts are legitimate.

Although these photographs seem to be legitimate, we will only know for sure after the September 10th event when Apple will finally reveal the iPhone 5s and possibly the budget model, iPhone 5C that will be built with plastic. September 10th event is also the period when the much awaited iOS 7 will be released and presumably new iPad models will be revealed as well.

All eyes are on the next Apple event as to see what they truly have in store for us next.

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