Watch Dogs Preview

Watch Dogs Preview

Watch Dogs is a revolutionary adventurous and action-packed feature, exposed to the open industry of the thriller that includes the popular franchises like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed to counter a corrupt system. It is available as a game for PS3 and PS4. It is often believed to be real, but if it would be so the whole Western civilization would fear the use of smartphone by themselves and others. This is the invention of 21st century and its smart enough to hack the CCTV cameras, car alarms, electronic locks, hacks cameras on laptops as well, and also manage to control the traffic by making bollards. The game inventor states that this nature of the Watch Dogs can be implemented to real life as well.

Knowing About Story and Characters of Watch Dogs

The major part of the game is appealing for its fidgety and creepy nature. Ubisoft, the producer of Watch Dog has been really cagey about exposing the launch of the game to public. A demo was however revealed named, T3 which was set to launch amazingly. It had a black car being driven through the roads of Chicago at night in the rain as briefed by Watch Dog’s protagonist, Aiden. Therefore the gam e and its demon has come up to add adventurous and extremities to the lives of the players, granting it a look of real life also. For this reason, the game has gained much popularity not among the players only, but also among the non-players.
Watch Dogs Preview

What’s the Gameplay?

Since another character of the play was lit, it was decided to limit the speed by the Ubisoft representative and stated that it’s safe and best to be in limits and not exceeding the speeds of the car or else more cars will be damaged. It was demonstrated well by the representative who showed the practical demo. All the boys in blue turned in hot pursuit as soon as he started. In the demos, the protagonist further exceed by taking Aiden’s car and driving it to the tunnel through which he hacked a gate which had security. It was at on side of the road and was hacked easily as the car tried to act. Then he parked the car and it seemed that he parked in a silent place because the car seemed to be lost in the dark and the cops then searched for him and announced his absence while he was present there.

His escape was then aided by T-Bone, Aiden’s friend; the players had an authority to knee-cap the cops, making the escape of Aiden easier.



Earlier there were some complaints being received about the demo to be unsolved, but the deeper plots then resolved the issue, making it’s a complete and flawless demo. And this assures the work done behind the demo is excellent and must be praised for it is appreciated worldwide. It also grants hints that Watch Dogs demo has been made with equal efforts as the gameplay was made. Therefore to question its credibility or the plot would not be a fair statement.

Watch Dogs Preview

When it some to the hacking in the real life, most of the analysts believe it to be real! Yes that means, your CCTV camera, laptop camera, car alarms and other secretive features may not be safe!

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